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The Masquerade Presents

Tragedy Called Truth with BearKnuckle and Fiction

Tragedy Called Truth

Fiction | BearKnuckle | Laurasia


7:00 PM | $6.00 ADV | All Ages


Tragedy Called Truth

Tragedy Called Truth. Who Are They? Are they a group that you forget at the end
of the night? Or a group whose name will last throughout the ages?
Well, If you ask the band, their only reply would be: “There are No
minute men here.” Tragedy Called Truth, or T.C.T. has been kicking butt
and taking names for a while now and does not intend to stop there. “We
are here to change the scene”. They have declared.
Tragedy Called Truth is a five piece band consisting of two
vocalist(Arkkade Kult and Luna), one guitarist(Von Phoenix), a
bassist(Lucas Wolf), and a drummer(Bryant J. White). All hailing from
different areas of the globe, they…


In the spring of 2010, over fistfuls of ale, a seed was planted into the vibrantly illuminated minds of several men. The formidable 2009 Atlanta winter had apparently bore less bitter fruit than anticipated.

Brad Grafton, bass master general for Suspicious Package, Greg Cook, blues guitar genius of Groove Muscle and Baylor Keese, rhythm maestro for Walton Co. began creating the primal froth of what would become better known as a band called FICTION.

The unique sound being driven by this talented trio was yearning for a vocal equal to join into their budding works of music. At times melodically airy, at times dark and intriguing and yet at others dashed with a powerful funk drawn…


Our sound is a little gritty, mixed with elements of the blues, also
fusing fast punk rock rhythms.We love to run through different tempos
and the incorporate guitar solos. We call ourselves BearKnuckle because
we sound like a furry fist in your face! BearKnuckle has risen from


These are the recordings of the prehistoric super-continent of Laurasia. Ancient alien astronauts left their music behind in MIDI format. Long lost, this information was only recently rediscovered embedded in the lattice of Matt’s Greenia crystallized skull. Matt then transmitted the data to Lisa Kinne, who has carefully extracted from it the primeval beats our progenitors used to worship their human animal hybrid overlords. Lisa passed her occult notes to Marty Brotzge, who endured penances and sacrificed countless maidens until he was finally granted with visions of great old ones screaming in the phlogiston. After channeling their guttural murmurs through his rock n roll…

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