Wicked Animal


Wicked Animal is an unabashed, take-no-prisoners, raucous rock trio that takes the listener on an electrifying journey; embodied through syncopated grooves, crunchy guitars and soaring melodies. With their debut EP, ‘Hello, Vicious,’ Wicked Animal showcases the insights that give way to universal truths, reminding the listener that individual choices often have far-reaching effects.

Inspired by the connective power of a live show, Wicked Animal acts as a sonic Sherpa, guiding the listener through a dynamic soundscape as inviting as it is invigorating, each track defiantly demonstrating that, no matter the current trend, thunderous rock, when done right, can truly deliver epically ambitious results.

Formed through an affinity for guitar-based rock from the 90s and 2000s, band members Marcel, Tim and JT merge to deliver a powerful, atmospheric assault, harkening to influences like Pearl Jam, Queens of the Stone Age and Stone Temple Pilots.

But it’s more than just chords these animal lovers strike. When they’re not burning the midnight oil to churn out musical mayhem, these soulful songwriters are forming ‘The Wicked Animal Collective’ to support animal rights and welfare, giving a voice to creatures who can’t advocate for themselves. So, you can feel righteous about rocking out for a good cause (donations to the Collective may be made at Wicked Animal shows through tickets and merchandise profits).

In the upcoming months, Wicked Animal will be touring the country in support of their debut, ‘Hello, Vicious!’, which serves as a proper introduction to a band on their way to finding a foothold in the pantheon of pure rock supremacy.

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