Weasel Sims


Born on the Westside of Chicago, the son of “Weasel Sims” (google), so expectations have been high for this young hustler. The music has been in him since he was 5yrs. old, rapping along songs for his family. After his dad was incarcerated his mom moved to Bellwood where he played sports and formed the rap group The DutchBoyz along with Donte Butcher. After a few jail stints and 3 years at Columbia College Chicago,Weasel Sims along with The DutchBoyz released “On My Mama Joe (JUKE) (which he wrote in jail) which one on to become a city classic to this day. Right before the song could reach its full potential, Weasel was incarcerated again. Now he is back with a new attitude, the streets behind him, and a true passion for making quality music. Follow the realest doing it.” Weasel Sims…”He got status” but when live a high profile lifestyle you gotta stay low key.

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