In Due Time is an exercise in artistic flexibility. It’s dynamic and diverse, full of contrast, texture, and intentionality. With the integration of Wes Gregory, Ian White, and Taylor Cotton, the record represents not only Matt Martin’s one-man creative exploration, but also a collaborative and communal musical engine. The album was entirely self-produced between Martin’s own Kilig Recordings and Athens landmark Chase Park Transduction.

“Music for me is often about unpacking the relationship between cynicism and optimism and existential uncertainty. It’s about finding personal balance through sound and texture and space.” -MM

Each song has its own personality, while still contributing to the framework of the album as a whole. “Control” begins the record in a place of womb-like ambience, but quickly adopts a driving rhythmic pulse and densely layered soundscape. “Coalesce” contrasts moody electronic textures with lush, expansive melodies that serve to create both tension and release. “Plans” is a painfully honest portrayal of romantic frustration, housing simple and subdued production, while “Seasons” reluctantly embraces the validity of pain, joy, and everything in between. “Dreams” pinpoints challenges of identity, purpose, and worth, with sugarcoated production that makes uncertainty easier to swallow. Reverence of the everyday moment is an important theme throughout the record, though it doesn’t always come easily. “Day 31” beautifully encapsulates this notion with specific setting and scale, and ends the record with unhinged and explosive sonic energy.

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