Vital Empire


Ambient power rock band Vital Empire combines veteran musicians and songwriters, top-tier production and a fresh new vision and sound that draws from their past musical experience, but reaches into the future.

Following in the musical path carved by Imagine Dragons and Bring Me the Horizon, members of Vital Empire have assembled a collection of powerful rock songs that embrace a new energy that band members say create a unique and fresh listening experience on their maiden record slated for release in early 2018.

Grounded by rhythmic bass and a surging drum sound, vocalist Aaron Pose formerly of Curb Records’ band Faktion, adds an ethereal, almost haunting topline with his vocal performance that brings a fresh new take on modern rock music.

“All of us have been musicians for most of our adult lives,” Pose said. “But this band is different. We can feel it when we write, when we record and when we play live. It’s the type of musical experience most musicians dream of and we couldn’t be more excited to share this magic with the world.”

Bringing the music to life will be a well thought-out, beautifully executed stage show that today’s rock audiences have come to expect.

“We want to incorporate well-orchestrated sets where songs flow perfectly in and out of each other,” Pose said. “Each member in the band is doing something special and when people come to see us play, it will be a unique experience.”

Vital Empire has managed to combine radio marketability with strong musical hooks and positive lyrics while keeping the energy of the rock bands these members grew up on.

Add to the mix producer Travis Wyrick, who says Vital Empire brought something very unique to his Lakeside Studios and he was excited to do what only he can do, which is completely take it apart and put it back together again musically without losing the original passion in the music.

“I am super excited about this project,” Wyrick said. “We took the really strong bones they brought me and I think have produced a product that the band will be excited to perform and that the fans will completely flip out over.”

Vital Empire’s first record…… is set to release in 2018.

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