Visc’s inception follows the general story of most musicians. At age 14, Dylan Fellows, along with with fellow musicians Justis Cook (now a solo musician underĀ that name), and Joe Jonker (of Known to be Lethal) started a band that, after countless name changes, called itself Tungsten. For a couple of young, inexperienced teenagers, the band enjoyed a surprisingly good amount of success. However, in 2008, the economic recession hit, forcing Dylan to move to Georgia, leaving his beloved band behind. But like the phoenix-cliche that we’ve all learned to overuse, Dylan’s musical mind was reborn in the ashes under the name of Visc. Since its inception, Visc has danced between genres, holding the banner of experimentalism and jovial destruction. It has grown with Dylan, and reflects his changing personality, and evolving tastes. It is Visc, and it takes no prisoners!

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