5 musicians from Des Moines Iowa looking for world domination. Doing the unachievable, using their new creative sound and style.

VENDED was established in February of 2018 and consists of Cole Espeland (Lead Guitar), Griffin Taylor (Vocals), Simon Crahan (Drums), Jeremiah Pugh (Bass), Connor Grodzicki (Rhythm Guitar) – With a rhythm section that uses the trifecta of speed, power and precision. Ferocious and driving guitars with soul crushing solos. Relatable vocals that portray hardships and the reality of life. VENDED has a unique sound that is the start of a new era and generation.

After two years of commitment and hard work VENDED played their sold out debut show at local venue Vaudville Mews March 8th 2020, which sported a huge crowd response. Days following the show the world shutdown due to COVID-19 which caused an unplanned hiatus.

Coming out of hiatus with their first ever festival appearance at KNOTFEST November 13th 2020 they are coming back stronger and hungrier than ever, currently VENDED is recording and preparing to release their debut EP and start on their path to world domination. This is just the beginning.


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