Uncured is a metal 4-piece from NYC that is attracting international attention for its combination of technical musicianship, brutal riffs, and melodic interludes.  

Uncured released its first full-length record “Medusa” on March 10, 2017.   The record was named as one of the “10 Best Metal Albums of 2017” by AXS.com.  MetalSucks wrote that “Medusa” is “a synthesis of all manner of melodic, progressive, technical metal — Dream Theater, Opeth, et al. — mixed with a groovy, almost tribal approach trafficked by ’90s stalwarts like Sepultura and Fear Factory.  Have those two genres ever been mixed together before?  Probably, somewhere.  Have they ever been mixed together before with such finesse and originality?  Certainly not.”

Uncured toured extensively since releasing “Medusa”, supporting top acts such as Cradle of Filth, Soulfly, Children of Bodom, Devildriver &Katatonia in just its first year on the road. In addition, Uncured toured the European Summer Festival Circuit with Jasta.  

Uncured is based in New York City and was founded in 2016 by brothers Rex Cox and Zak Cox.  Zak and Rex both play guitar and sing.  Joining Uncured on drums is Liam Manley from Portland, Oregon.   Jon Kita from Boston, Massachusetts, who previously played with metal stalwart Diecast, rounds out the Uncured line-up on bass.

Uncured is quickly gaining a reputation among fans and critics for its aggressive, technical, yet highly diverse live performances.  Metal Injection reported that “Uncured sounds a bit like old school Dream Theater with some modern tricks thrown in, such as full-on breakdowns and smoking guitar acrobatics.  This band is comprised of extremely talented and promising young musicians.”

Metal Assault Magazine reported that “the talent in musical composition and song arrangement was vastly evident right from the outset, and it never ceased to engage and compel.  Uncured’s roots are firmly planted in prog, but also in Scandinavian death metal, and the manner in which they moved from crushing heavy grooves to break into smooth, sexy interludes was beyond exemplary and forced the onlookers to smile in admiration.”  Shutter 16 Magazine simply stated: “just wow, the raw talent of such a young fronted band is outstanding.  Formed, written, and lead by two teenagers, is truly insane.”  The magazine continued that Uncured has “the sound of old school metal with an influx of modern solos and rhythms, while vocally pulling from a death metal side of things.  The solos were the contrast to their music, very progressive sounding and very technical, whereas their song structure was brutal and heavy.”

Critics have commented on the diversity of Uncured’s sound. CrypticRock.com reports that Uncured “matches speedy, technical guitar riffs with blistering drumming–but the true highlight of Uncured’s live set is the ability to slow it down at the drop of a dime, mixing in darker, compelling storylines amidst all the chaos.”  Metal Nexus reviewed Uncured’s show in Washington, DC: “It has been a long time since I have been this utterly impressed by a new band with only a debut album. And how often do you see two vocalists unleashing harsh vocals with intense yet melodic riffs?  The young lads with their youthful energy, technical prowess, and blistering speed set the stage on fire.”

Uncured released Spontaneous Generation in 2016, a 4-song instrumental EP.  Max Portnoy (son of Dream Theater drumming legend Mike Portnoy) played drums on the EP.

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