Travis Shettel of Piebald


Travis has been playing music for about 30 years. Piano lessons started at 6 until the instrument became uncool at the age of 11. Then it was classical guitar, which wasn’t loud enough. Then it was bass, which was fun for a while, but proved to be difficult to use as a writing instrument. Finally, Travis found his way to the electric guitar (keys have been given a second chance) and the creation of hundreds of songs since the mid 90’s.

He is probably most well known for his time as lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter of the Boston-based band, Piebald. Started in 1994, PIebald released 5 albums, and toured constantly until the “last shows” in 2008.

Since then he has recorded and toured with The Duke Spirit, who helped him get his most recent project, The Past Haunts, off the ground. The Duke Spirit served as Travis’ band to record a batch of his songs that became the ‘Caveman Rock’ e.p. Travis recruited his Vietnamese restaurant co-worker, Ben, to come out of drumming retirement. Ben is be married to an angelic-voiced bass player named Heather. These two became The Past Haunts and have been playing with Travis ever since. The first Past Haunts album, ‘Gone And Goner,’ came out in early 2012, on No Sleep Records. Since the album’s release, Travis and the Heywoods have been playing shows and making music; releasing a string of digital e.p.’s until somebody will compile them into an album for the generations.

Travis’ music is usually in the loud, boisterous, party-rock vein, but he definitely likes a good musical challenge. No matter what else is going on or happening in his existence, Travis will still be making music. Also, he really cares about your song so it takes him at least a month to get the tune to you! Thanks!

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