The Underground Thieves


The Underground Thieves is a music collective with its heart and soul deeply rooted in the Southern California desert, led by guitarist / songwriter / producer Nick Perri.

The ensemble reunites Perri with his former Silvertide bandmates, singer-songwriter Walt Lafty and platinum-selling bassist Brian Weaver, in collaboration with some of his favorite world-class musicians. Indie-rockers Anthony and Michael Montesano (Pepper’s Ghost) are featured alongside blues keyboardist Justin DiFebbo (K-Floor), soulful vocalist Hannah Gernand (Ours), and Mount Holly drummer John Bach.

The result is a swirling dustup of bluesy rock-and-roll and roots-inspired Americana.

In addition to touring, the band’s first year will feature a bold rollout of its music, with a new song, or “chapter” being unveiled each month. Their completed album will arrive at the end of 2018, and Perri has teased that many famous and exciting up-and-coming talents will make appearances both on the record and on-stage in future shows.

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