The Underachievers


The Underachievers are rappers’ AKTHESAVIOR and Issa Gold, both Flatbush, Brooklyn natives and members of the Beast Coast Movement who came together in 2012. Hailed as influential players in the new New York wave of rappers, the tag-team burst onto the scene with conscious rhymes in Oxford vocab over progressive beats while maintaining the true school era foundation they grew up on.


Issa and “AK” didn’t start rhyming together until years after they met. Fast forward from their first conversation, the two bonded about wanting to get into psychedelics – to Issa doing a feature for AK, who at the time was the sole Underachiever. “You guys need to rhyme together,” a producer told them. Being friends of fellow Beast Coast influencers, Flatbush Zombies, both rappers had witnessed the critical and collaborative attitude that permeated the group. They believed that finding that environment and willingness to work, would be the key to doing it right.


Now, The Underachievers boast three critically-acclaimed mixtapes (“Indigoism,” “Lords of Flatbush” and “It Happened in Flatbush”), their debut album “Cellar Door – Terminus Ut Exordium,” a popular “Clockwork Indigo” five-track EP with Flatbush Zombies, a sold-out headline tour across North America, Europe & Canada, and their sophomore album “Evermore – The Art of Duality” which portrayed a mature and auto-biographical manifesto of the UA lifestyle past and present.


Loved by fans and critics alike, the duo’s viral sensations “So Devilish”, “Gold Soul Theory”, and “Herb Shuttles” prove they’re hitting the mark between genre-bending and mass appeal dead on. They have become more ambitious in developing their craft and displaying the ability to convey their musings. Delivering their message over both head-banging and laid-back lyrical soundscapes, The Underachievers commands their music to do what they want it to do.

Sparking change, infusing the culture and inspiring their fans worldwide is what the duo sets out to do with each new release as anticipation builds for their next project “Renaissance” to come in April, 2017.

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