The Mendenhall Experiment


The Mendenhall Experiment was formed in 2008 by guitarist Brandon Mendenhall. At the age of 19, Mendenhall overcame the limitations of his Cerebral Palsy by teaching himself how to play guitar. Mendenhall worked hard finding solutions to his physical limitations and developed a unique playing style that became his signature. Over the years the band has had many line ups, and in 2014, Mendenhall found what he described as ” the golden line – up “. A talented group of passionate musicians that bring a positive message to their audience.

Standing strong for disability awareness in support of Mendenhall and bass player Nate Stockton who also used the power of music to overcome being deaf. Mike Lira, lead guitarist, who has seen success in his own right both as a solo artist and producer, brings his compassion and understanding of people from all walks of life to the stage.┬áDrummer, Bruce Lira, Mike’s younger brother, brings his explosive style and positive attitude to the forefront. Bruce has been acknowledged for his talent as young as age 11. The group is rounded out by frontman Mario Valadez whose intense energy and mesmerizing voice draws the audience in and leaves them wanting more. The dynamic presence of each member of The Mendenhall Experiment is felt both on and off stage.

The Mendenhall Experiment seeks to inspire change in the way the world initially perceives those with developmental disabilities from negative to positive.

The Mendenhall Experiment has built quite the resume and has played shows supporting National Acts such as Adema,
POD, Alien Ant Farm, Kill Devil Hill, Smile Empty Soul, Saliva, Fear Factory, Ill Nino, Straight Line Stitch, Girl on Fire and opened for Monster Energy’s Aftershock Festival in Sacramento featuring Korn, Megadeth, 5FDP, A7X and many more.

” That’s my main goal with music… if you asked me why I should be signed or why I want to be a Rock Star… it’s not about the fame or money … sure those things are nice and it’s great to make a living playing music doing what I love.. But that’s not why I want it… I have a unique opportunity to inspire people and kids with disabilities with my playing, my music and my story! I truly believe that’s what I was put on this earth to do. We are starting to see the impact of our mission to inspire others on a consistent basis at our shows and appearances, Our fans and supporters approach us giving us their personal testimonies and praise about how we are touching their lives and the lives of others with disabilities. I am confident that as The Mendenhall Experiment brand continues to grow and see greater success, We can begin to inspire people on a global scale, touching not only the lives of individuals but changing the global perception of people with disabilities as well”.

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