The Greeting Committee


For a decade, Nashville-based band The Greeting Committee has proven their  knack for storytelling. Now, with the release of their third studio album “Everyone’s  Gone and I Know I’m The Cause,” they have a lot to get off their chests. 

Since garnering 100+ million global streams and a dedicated fanbase, the band,  which now consists of founding members Addie Sartino and Pierce Turcotte,  longtime member Noah Spencer, and newcomer Micah Ritchie has gone from  strength to strength. They’ve opened for the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club and  Hippocampus, while selling out headline shows across America and  simultaneously releasing acclaimed albums, including 2018’s “This Is It” and  2022’s “Dandelion” which garnered support from Billboard, The Washington Post,  NYLON and more. 

With “Everyone’s Gone and I Know I’m The Cause,” an album born amid grief and  loss, Sartino and Turcotte are meticulously balancing vulnerability and self reflection — all wrapped up in 10 tracks that include the lead single  “popmoneyhits.” “I was afraid if I didn’t hold tightly enough, if I didn’t struggle  enough, if I didn’t sacrifice enough that I wouldn’t be enough,” says Sartino on the  process of making of their third album. “And if I couldn’t be enough then how  could I ever deserve this? But I promise you, the things and the people that are  meant for you will always believe you are enough.”

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