The Future Babes


It might seem like everyone and their brother was in a band in high school. Most were short-lived, and most were terminally awful. But every once in a while a group of musicians comes along who gel instantly, vastly exceeding the expectation of a band of their age. That’s exactly how Atlanta’s own The Future Babes got their start.

The band soon began slugging it out everywhere from house shows to venues across the Southeast. This experience gave them time to perfect their sound, made up of a special color and vibe combined with timeless songwriting.

The quartet is made up of Carson (guitar/vocals), Ian (keys/bass/vocals), McClain (drums), and Andrew (lead guitar). Each uses their assorted musical chops to find new ways to rock out. Whether it be Ian throwing down a surprise piano line, or Carson and Ian trading off lead vocal duties, they’re never content to stick with the formulaic. With influences such as Slash and Joe Bonamassa, Andrew brings a whole new dynamic to the band’s sound, while McClain’s unique style of drumming defines the band’s signature sound.

In 2015. the diverse talent of The Future Babes caught the attention of Madison Records. The label signed the band and Tanner Hendon and Wyatt Oat produced their self titled EP at Madison Studios.    The debut release features the single “Cold Blooded,” an intelligent rocker that mixes beefy guitar tones with clever piano melodies that immediately come to life.  The video for “Cold Blooded” is a classy affair with quite an edge, showing the band’s jovial yet competitive side.

Madison Records is launching a national promotion campaign for the EP, consisting of promotion at various outlets, including radio, press, and video.   .

The Future Babes are a must-see band and will be supporting their EP with an upcoming national tour.

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