The Everyday Anthem


In 2015, singer Nick Peña and guitarist Alex Peebles met on a “dating” site in college, where Nick had posted looking for people who were interested in playing music with him. They started playing together and began a YouTube channel, using the name “The Everyday Anthem.” As the project got bigger, Nick reached out to his friend Alex Crain, who was a guitarist and singer in the band Dot 22, to write music with them.

 After Peebles’ and Nick’s close friend Andrew Benson joined as their bassist, the band began to write, record, and book shows – at which point they asked the drummer of Dot 22 to play with them. Dot 22 was a three-piece that had been founded in 2011 by Alex, Aaron, and bassist Vivian Zingleman, when they were all in high school together. With Alex and Aaron in The Everyday Anthem, they were now splitting their time between both bands.

During this time, the band grew a huge amount, gaining a large fanbase, releasing an album mixed by Rian Dawson of All Time Low, and receiving attention from various bookers and labels. With all of this happening, bassist Andrew Benson decided to part ways and instead focus on his education – at which point Dot 22 bassist, Vivian Zingleman, was brought onto the project in the spring.

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