The Clay People


The Clay People is a metal punk industrial rock band based in Albany, New York. Singer- Daniel Neet leading the group as its sound has evolved to incorporate gothic, industrial, dance and metal influences. Neet is also a former member of the band Iron Lung Corp. Originally known as “Clay People,” the group added “The” to their name with the release of a self-titled 1998 album, marking a change in direction toward a less-synthetic/sampled approach to live performance with a lineup featuring Neet, Brian McGarvey (guitar), Mike Guzzardi (guitar), D. Patrick Walsh (bass) and Dan Dinsmore (drums). The Clay People (1998 album) was produced by Neil Kernon for Slipdisc Records (a Mercury affiliate); Kernon also worked with Queensr├┐che and David Bowie, among many others. It was the band’s most commercially successful release, and songs from the record were included in the soundtracks to films Strangeland and Universal Soldier: The Return, as well as on the soundtracks to several video games. The band went on hiatus in the early 2000s as members pursued solo and side projects or launched new bands, including Idols Never Die[1] and Black Incorporated featuring both Guzzardi and Dinsmore. Dinsmore went on to recording & touring with his band OWL with long time friend Chris Wyse of The Cult and The Ace Freely band, A new album from The Clay People, Waking the Dead, was released on May 22, 2007 via Overit Records with a lineup featuring only Neet, Dinsmore and McGarvey from the 1998 band. The Clay People are releasing the long awaited record Demon Hero in the spring of 2018. The record was recorded and produced at Dinsmores Overit Studios in Albany, NY. The record was produced by Dinsmore & Mcgarvey and mixed by Neil Kernon.

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