The Arbitrary


Founded in 2015 by Jeffrey Fisher and Adam Sauter, New Orleans natives The Arbitrary stormed onto the progressive metal scene with a fresh sound and a driven mindset to bring their music to the masses. Borrowing from their influences in Intervals, ERRA, and Dream Theater, the instrumental duo seamlessly traverses the world of contrast, often combining fierce, low-tuned guitars and ambient soundscapes.

“They deliver a high octane, shred worthy Progressive Metal sound that’s hard to deny. It’s easy to envision them in the same echelon as bands like Polyphia and Divine Realm,” says Mike Stahl of The Circle Pit, and this high octane energy that The Arbitrary exudes is readily apparent in their live performances as well. Having only two members, the chemistry between Jeffrey and Adam on stage transformed into a tangible reputation in the regional scene that lended to opening slots for Lorna Shore, Cane Hill, and Convictions.

Following on the promise shown in their 2016 debut “Entropy,” the band’s sophomore EP entitled “Identity” is set to release on June 9, 2017 alongside a heavy touring schedule. “We’ve really begun to find our niche as musicians, and having only two members allows us to efficiently channel our energy and improve our craft as we continue playing shows and releasing new material,” says guitarist Jeffrey Fisher. “In the end, the music is all that matters.”

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