A Detroit native, The AKT is currently based in Atlanta. The AKT is bringing back the fun, excitement, and spontaneity in music specifically live shows with a 50s-’80s vibe through eccentric electric guitar melodies and harmonies. The AKT’s music has been recognized by Adidas Original and music executive and multi-platinum selling artist Pusha T. She plays a variety of instruments ranging from the bass guitar to a 12 string guitar to the cello. There’s not a string instrument she can’t play by ear. As a musical prodigy she began on the violin in 2006, she got a guitar later that same year. She continued to pursue the orchestra for 10 years throughout her years in grade school till high school, while still self-teaching herself guitar. She landed her first guitar gig on her own at the age of 14 and has been performing live since. Her purpose is to be the first African American woman ever inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame for the genre of music Rock n Roll.

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