Terror Universal


Like the musical equivalent of a slasher film, Terror Universal snap from moments of intense sonic bloodletting into menacing melodic mayhem before creeping back into the shadows to do it all over again. In keeping with horror tradition, the origins of this fearsome foursome—Plague [vocals], Massacre [drums], Thrax [guitar], and Diabolus [bass]—remain encased in murk and mystery. Rumors fly left and right that the group boasts current and former members of hard rock royalty such as Machine Head, Ill Niño, Soulfly, and Upon A Burning Body among its ranks, but any and all records have been shredded and burned. The metallic masked marauders began stalking the senses in 2014, releasing the Reign of Terror EP a year later and eventually sharing the stage alongside heavy hitters including Korn, Asking Alexandria, HELLYEAH, Papa Roach, Fear Factory, Incite, and more around the globe. 2017 saw them ink a deal with minus HEAD Records and prepare their full-length debut, Make Them Bleed, for mass consumption spurned by the first single “Welcome To Hell”.

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