This generation is getting the pop punk resurgence it was owed, demonstrated by the standout bands rising to the scene’s surface like the fresh upstarts of TELLTALE.

Like a John Hughes movie or a thrift store cardigan sweater, the driving rhythm and earnest melody of TELLTALE is both familiar and reinvigorating in equal measure.

The quartet crafts anthems that immediately connect with the kids who pack clubs and theaters to see newer bands like Neck Deep as well as the older set that cherish early records from Fall Out Boy and Lifetime, but with their own distinctive spin. All over the Richmond, Virginia based band’s latest EP, Timeless Youth, TELLTALE spin stories that are as relatable as growing pains, exactly as the record’s title implies.

From the first time a scrappy riff collided with a catchy melody, wrapped up in self-deprecation and heartache, pop punk gave us anthems for the young and the young-at-heart. This spirited movement, with its roots in the underground and its biggest stars crashing into the mainstream, makes magic from universal feelings of angst.

With heavy doses of saccharine sentiment and self-aware camp, these guys are perfecting the recipe. At a rapid pace, Telltale continues to carve a new heart into the solid tree of pop punk. They are fresh champions for the underdog, a group who makes the everyday soundtrack for the uninvited, brokenhearted, and cast aside.

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