T-Rextasy played their first show at a punk pizza party. They’ve been “garnering a cult following” (The Deli) ever since.

Prehysteria, the quartet’s crowd-funded, self-released sophomore record, features “songs spiked with humorous asides, ska guitar and riot grrrl attitude.” (The New York Times) Lyrically dealing with consent, queerness, growing up, and the internet and subsequent isolation, Prehysteria endeavors to inspire critical thinking while still getting people to giggle.

In 2014, the “hyper-verbal rock & roll goddesses” (Rolling Stone) released demos they recorded themselves on an iPhone that began generating buzz in their hometown of New York City. 2016’s Jurassic Punk, the band’s debut out on Father/Daughter Records, received praise from outlets such as NPR and its single, “Gap Yr Boiz,” appeared on a Rolling Stone “Best Songs of 2016” list. Since forming, T-Rextasy has been refining their “charming…impressive live show” (Stereogum) on several international tours.”


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