$uperbia is comprised of two wild white boys. The two were born two days apart, but one (Dublgauge ) adopted by his parents on the same day the other (Datsun) was born. The two met some time in the 4th grade, and though they parted ways for a time due to school districts and whathaveyou, the two reconnected after high school with a mutual interest in hip-hop. It turned out to be a match made in heaven, Dublgauge, born Logan McDaniel, had moxie, chutzpah, an endless cache of lethal bars and an aggressive business mindset. Datsun, born Ian Dotson, brought, in addition to formidable bars of his own, some mad beat-making skills and a wicked set of pipes. The two share a unique dynamic in their work-flow. Datsun, the mellow one, prefers to crank out beats and hooks by his lonesome, whereas Dublgauge, the firey one, is always on the move booking events and making musical connections when he’s not writing verses in his head. Either way, when they’re together the two dedicate their free time to making, as they like to call them, “FUCKIN JAMZ.” These mavericks are actively pursuing marketing, apparel design and booking opportunities while they continue to refine their performance, production and song-writing techniques. The two have been eternally grateful thus far to every cheer and shoutout and look forward to making new friends and fans on the road. So keep your eyes peeled big wigs! The world would be silly NOT to expect big things from the dynamic duo$uperbia.

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