Formerly a cover band (Mariah Shea & The Story), artists and friends Mariah Shea (lead vocals), Ian Evans (lead guitar), Mike Gardella (rhythm guitar), Andy Chang (bass), and Joey Nappo (drums) are bringing back rock and roll with a modern style. Musicians for most of their lives, each member brings to the table (and the stage) a life-long passion and dedication to creating and performing.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, StoneLighter pulls inspiration from classic 60’s and 70’s heavy and classic rock. Though their music centers on the sometimes heavy and intense genre of rock, Evans says each member of the band feels their music, especially when writing. When people hear StoneLighter, they will also feel what it was like to write the music.

Though it has taken many years to get to this point, the members of StoneLighter are stoked to perform across the country and gives audiences a show they will not soon forget.

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