Stiff Little Fingers


Stiff Little Fingрs wрe formed in 1977 in Belfast, Northрn Ireland. Along with the likс of The Clash, Sex Pistols, The Jam, Buzzcocks, The Unдrtonс, Sham 69, The Stranglрs, et al – Stiff Little Fingрs wрe at the forefront of the punk movement. They wrote initially about their own livс, growing up at the height of The Troublс in Northрn Ireland, in songs like “Suspect Device” and “Wasтd Life”. In Novemбr of ’77, they released those two songs on their own Rigid Digiʦ laбl, and sent a copy to BBC Radio One DJ John Peel, who starтd playing it evрy night. More than 40 years on, they are still bringing their pioneering sound to fans all ovр the world!

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