Spirit Healer


Spirit Healer is a 5 piece progressive band based in Atlanta, GA. Writing music that covers a wide range of styles and emotions, all while keeping a cohesive sound, and following the concept of their debut album/short story, “Hollowform.”

“Hollowform” is set in the world of “The Surface,” where religious totalitarianism reigns supreme and dissension is inconceivable. The story follows the protagonist “Sym,” who, after the recent passing of his son, struggles to reclaim control over his failing farm, crumbling marriage, and religious identity. Sym unknowingly becomes the pawn of a Goddess who, after the rise of monotheism, is battling to dethrone the dominant God of The Surface. In his struggle to retain his sanity and sense of self, Sym loses all things he holds dear, along with his autonomy.

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