We are Sojoürn an American Hard Rock/Alternative band out of Athens Ga. Our motto is RISE!

Our music comes from the one thing that you can’t live without.. The heart. Using diverse inspirations, we have created music for one thing.. You

Sojoürn was formed in Athens, GA at the end of 2015. Guitarist Alex Edrington and Drummer Justin Stoks, bandmates and students at The University of Georgia, went in search of a singer. Guitarist/producer Michael Cummings, who had previously produced a CD for Alex and Justin, introduced them to Vocalist/Singer/Songwriter Robert Norris, who as luck would have it was looking to find some band mates to compliment his style.  The three musicians got tight quickly.

Rob and Alex found that when writing together they connected like “Mick Jagger and Keith Richards” according to Veteran Producer and 80s Rocker Michael Cummings from MacQueen Street. With a touch of Jim Morrisons famous story telling and 90’s Rock and Roll Kurt Cobain, Nirvana they were inspired and just couldn’t stop writing. With close to 30 songs in the works they also began to realize that the Beatles (Rob’s half British after all!)had a big part in their influence.  So, yes they are a little eclectic or is it eccentric!!!  But whatever it is we have been told that it is incredibly fresh, new, energetic  Rock

While fans certainly enjoyed their impressive covers of bands like The Beatles, Nirvana, Audioslave, and Collective Soul, the boys had a yearning desire to play the songs they had been writing. As fate would have it, they got their chance after recording “Nowhere or Now Here?” – produced by Michael Cummings – the same guy who had brought them all together just a couple of months earlier.

Since the release of “Nowhere or Now Here?” Sojoürn has recruited Brock Edrington to play bass guitar and Morgan Decker to play drums. You can hear them in Athens now, and they will be coming to a town near you very soon.

Yes, indeed, Sojoürn is “Now Here.”

So, if you like what you see and hear, SIGN UP for updates , pre-release info and our upcoming Tour Dates.

Come Sojoürn with us. See you soon.

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