Soft Blue Shimmer


Three people concerned with turning their feelings, dreams, and memories into noise— Meredith Ramond, Kenzo Cardenas, and Charlie Crowley write ethereal and frenetic music about complex emotions and feelings. The San Fernando Valley based group Soft Blue Shimmer released their first EP, “Nothing Happens Here” (2019), and their first LP, “Heaven Inches Away” (2020), in the USA through Disposable America and in Japan through Galaxy Train. 


Their second LP, “Love Lives in the Body”, was released worldwide in November 2022 via Other People Records. All of their releases have been recorded and produced by Corey Coffman in Loveland, CO. The trio always aims to write meaningful music, raw with emotion and nostalgia, seen through a cinematic lense in their heads—songs exactly like they dreamed them: fuzzy then soft, washing over you, and disappearing. Hopefully you are left reflective, but also filled with hope and determination.

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