Slow Bullet


Originally starting as a bed room solo passion project, Slow Bullet is a band that has evolved throughout the years into a powerful force. This pseudo-emo alternative rock outfit has toured most of the country supporting the release of their debut album “Still Close Enough to Go Back” (Recorded by Matt Frank of You Blew It!, Their / They’re / There, and Annabel at Atlas Studios in Chicago, IL) and does not see any plans to stop. Originally just being composed of one member in Sam DeBurgh, the group got the addition of Anthony Willems and Jake Beaver which in turn made the band refocus on a different direction. While the band’s current discography could be classified in the “emo” world, in a live setting it turns into its own force. Delicately balancing the wire with their aggressive sound complimented by the emotive and powerful story telling of DeBurgh’s lyrics; which often vicariously lives through and comments on the depravity of mankind and the human condition. Three years since the debut album, this spring Slow Bullet intends on releasing their new EP “Mercy In Your Touch” which expands on the bands larger sound and shows much maturity from their past release, giving us an intentional and effective taste of what’s to come from this talented group.

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