Samuel Dresslar, professional known as Skeez is a multi-dimensional vocalist and songwriter who weaver a tapestry of pop, contemporary R&B, and country influences into a genre uniquely his own. Born and raised in Omaha, NE, Skeez has rung up millions of streams for his highly-addictive sound and he’s clearly bound for the top levels of the music game.

Beyond the melodies, Skeez embodies the essence of authenticity — the magnetic individual everyone aspires to call a friend. With an innate ability to infuse life into any gathering, he seamlessly marries humor and talent, etching his presence into the very soul of the party.

Skeez’s meteoric rise was catalyzed by a serendipitous encounter with Mike., culminating in a standout moment as direct support on the “Not My First Rodeo Tour” in 2022. This partnership blossomed further, giving birth to the collaborative masterpiece “why not us?” — a testament to their synergistic artistry that struck commercial gold. While Skeez and Mike. are still very close,

Skeez’s musical journey has also intertwined with diverse artists, forging an eagerly anticipated album set to grace the fourth quarter of 2023.

With a strong work ethic and a commitment to artistic growth, Skeez is constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new musical territories. His relentless pursuit of excellence has resulted in collaborations with renowned producers and artists, solidifying his position as an emerging force in the music industry.

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