Signs of the Swarm


While bands are often lost in the mix of the digital musical landscape, Pittsburgh’s Signs of the Swarm have viciously carved a path to emerge as a truly unique act. They intertwine the best of what’s come before them with modern ideals to create a sound that is vital to the current deathcore movement.


The band’s recent signing to Century Media Records brings them into the fold with deathcore’s cream of the crop, including the likes of Lorna Shore, Suicide Silence and more. They marked the occasion with a crushing new single titled “Unbridled” along with a music video, which sees the band finding new peaks to their devastatingly brutal sound.


The track kicks off with a whirlwind of pummeling guitar chugs, drum blasts and ominous symphonic background elements with vocalist David Simonich’s demonic gutturals ringing out doom and gloom. The guitar riffs fuel the razor-sharp blast beats throughout the track, culminating with a soaring guitar solo that is punctuated by a deep, earth-shattering breakdown to close the song.


Visually, the video captures the tone of the song’s title through blood-soaked, bug-ridden horror-esque scenes intertwined with clips of the band rampaging their way through the high-octane track.


Their Century Media debut follows a line of sinister musical manifestations, with four full-length albums under their belt – Absolvere, Vital Deprivation, The Disfigurement of Existence and Senseless Order. Their latest record, 2021’s Absolvere, displayed the band in unholy new depths of viciousness, striking at every pocket of deathcore’s variations.


From slamming brutal chugs, to black metal-tinged frenzies and groove-driven downtempo bursts of aggression, the band cohesively captured a vile sound spreading across the genre’s various styles. Through Simonich’s animalistic gurgling and shrieking tones, Bobby Crow’s machine-gun drumming, Jeff Russo’s ominous guitar work and Michael Cassese’s stomach-churning bass rattles, Signs of the Swarm crafted a sound uniquely their own while paying homage to what’s come before them. The band’s dexterity paid off with Absolvere landing at #15 on “Current Hard Music Albums,” #21 on “Top New Artist Albums” and #139 on “Heatseekers.”


Signs of the Swarm have been firing on all cylinders in their post-pandemic return to full-time touring, performing at more than 220 shows and festivals during their tour cycle for Absolvere. The band brought their unsettlingly brute sound worldwide, crossing thousands of miles touring the United States, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and England.


In 2022 alone, they’ve spread their infectiously heavy tone across the globe – supporting the likes of Carnifex, Suicide Silence, Lorna Shore, Decapitated, Born of Osiris, Shadow of Intent and more while headlining shows and hitting festivals in between. They’re showing no signs of slowing down either, with more tours and festival dates scheduled for the remainder of the year as well as 2023.

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