Seraphin Shock


Once described as “The Ultimate Halloween Band”, Seraphim Shock is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Charles Edward. Having built a cult following Internationally without compromise, the band is best known for its outlandish live shows as well as Edward’s vocal crooning.

With overtly dark themes (that lead the listener somewhere between the romantic and demonic), the collective of SS releases clearly speaks for itself. One needs only to look at the myriad of favorable reviews garnered over 25 years to understand the true dedication put into their music.

2019 saw all publishing/copyrights and merchandising from the entire Seraphim catalog returned to Charles Edward. The Shock then returned with a new 6 song EP on Halloween of 2020. It is the first in a series of three EP’s to be released as “The Fairmount Chronicles”.

Theirs is a body of work from the gut which demonstrates that passionate songwriting is timeless and does not adhere to fads. Seraphim Shock continues to stand poised in unleashing its vision upon the music world, ensuring that artists can indeed become stronger as years go by.

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