A Russian-American rapper, based out of Denver, Colorado. Scum is known for mixing horror themed and extremely violent lyrics with a more bouncy, hip hop beat selection that’s non-traditional to horrorcore. His music is commonly labeled as GoreHop.

Founder and co-owner of an underground rap label, Lyrikal Snuff Productionz (currently LSP, LLC) which he started back in 2000 with his brother, Sevill. When Sevill died in 2007 Scum became the sole owner of the company. In 2011 additional partners/investors were brought on and LSP, LLC was founded. Currently there are 8 artists/groups signed to the label including such horrorcore legends as Insane Poetry and a hugely popular new era GoreHop duo, Dark Half. Up to date the label has released over 40 full length albums worldwide and is scheduled for 6 more in 2014.

Scum’s career began in 1996 when he moved from Moscow, Russia to Denver, CO and became involved in an experimental grind/noise project known as Down Syndrome. The band put out 3 tapes in 1996-1998 before disbanding shortly after their third and final release. From there, he joined forces with his brother and became involved in a variety of underground rap projects (DL, Underground Cult, LnG) that all shared violent themes and highly offensive lyrics. Most of those only released demos and mixtapes although LnG (a duo featuring Scum) did drop a full length in 2002 making it Scum’s first pro-pressed CD. After the release, Sevill persuaded Scum to go solo and aside from a few side projects he was a part of (4 Horsemen in 2006, Hate Magnet in 2008, and MMMFD in 2013, and putting out albums with 4 Horsemen and MMMFD) that’s exactly what Scum has been doing ever since. Releasing 8 solo albums to date and being scheduled for 2 more in 2014.

Scum has sold thousands of albums worldwide while representing a genre of music considered “dead” by most. With 3 times as much various merchandise (his selection is rarely matched by any independent artists outside of the ones with a much higher financial backing), established a global loyal cult following known as Scumfucks with thousands helping promote and hundreds of fans all over the world tattooing his logos, designs, and signature on them to prove their loyalty. Scum has completed 7 national tours since 2006 (another 2 set to take place in 2014) headlining or co-headlining 6 of them, and been featured on well over 100 albums, mixtapes, and compilations in 14 different countries.

Scum has performed with numerous national rap and metal acts, traveled the country back and forth hitting new cities along with his prime markets on every tour along with a variety of spot dates and festivals such as The Gathering Of The Juggalos (5 times) , Bury The Living (8 times), Strictly For The Wicked, Hell On Earth, WestCoast Wickedfest, Minnesotta Mayhem, Soundsick Fest and many more. He also founded and headlines every GoreFest and Black Xmas, Colorado’s biggest annual horrorcore fests both on its 9th year running and drawing fans from all over the country and growing in attendance every year.

Scum is always involved in numerous projects and events, releasing new music and keeping in touch with his fans via social media and a network of sites, zines, etc. He is always seeking new opportunities and looking for sponsors, investors, promoters – anyone willing and able to help him advance as an artist and be a part of this growing movement.

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