SAIAH believes being punk means to truly embrace emotion. No matter how strong, calm, angry, or content — you must open yourself to the feeling and find your way through it. Captured by their versatile production choices and abstract songwriting, SAIAH finds a way to straddle reality with the dimension that exists only in their mind. Each release is a window into this special place that lives where those two worlds touch. From the discovery of self and an embrace of experimentation seen in SAIAH’s evolving Non Binary series to the continued stories of maturation and self-love chronicled by the various RACEWAY chapters. The 23 year-old Pittsburgh-native, Phoenix-adoptee is focused on creating impactful art that has a chance of living beyond themself. Something that can let people see that you can be unapologetically Black, Non-Binary, or unique in some way with no label and not only live, but thrive within yourself. To make something that tells those people ILOVEYOU.

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