In 1990, New Orleans native but two decade Atlanta resident, Steven DeVahn Brumfield came to the world to be exactly what we need in music during this new era. Steven has been singing all his life slowly becoming the multi-directional indie musician he is today. Inspired by the deep soul roots of Jazz played by Miles Davis and the likes of John Coltrane, DeVahn started his organized music career at the age of 11 playing the saxophone. As his talents continued to grow and became more versatile he started writing his own songs taking everything one step further to become more like his artistic idols, Aaliyah, Biggie, Coldplay, Mali Music and Frank Ocean, just to name a few. In High School, Steven joined the chorus where his mentors as well as himself realized he truly had a gift and a voice that was quickly developing. Being centered closely to Atlanta, DeVahn was no stranger to the rapidly growing gangsta rap music scene in ATL. Intrigued and seeing a great opportunity and new endeavor, Steven started to rap, freestyle and even became a part of the rap group known as The Ateam. Like many start ups, the group mutually decided to grow in separate directions and Steven went along to continue his life in college as a business major quickly becoming the Musical swiss army knife he is today. Steven DeVahn sought out new scenery in the heart of Atlanta and moved in to his loft where he currently resides and birthed a beautiful project titled AVLNCH.

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