Rio Romeo


Rio romeo is a 23 year old non-binary butch lesbian interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Rio writes music from the heart and from experience- most of the songs are completely based on true events. Storytelling and theatricality runs deep in rio‘s background, as they grew up in theatre and were performing since a very young age. Rio started playing around on the piano when they were 17, and eventually got their first acoustic piano in the summer of 2020. This piano led rio to start creating content online, sharing their music on tiktok to over 450,000- but empowered them to start sharing their story and day to day as a non-binary butch in America. They now create content about the day-to-day of their life as well as addressing bigger issues such as discrimination in medicine against LGBTQ+ people and queer activism. Rio hopes to empower young queer people to explore their identities and find home within themselves through music. Have a great day! Be gay!

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