Restraining Order


Bands like Restraining Order come once in a generation. Brandishing a sound that’s familiar yet pushes the envelope. Songs that are abrasive, yet undeniably catchy and warrant repeated listens. In 2019, the band released their debut LP “This World Is Too Much.” A modern hardcore punk classic that engages the listener and does not let up until all 15 minutes and 26 seconds have gone by. Restraining Order is the next logical step in the ever growing and constantly changing punk rock universe. “Don’t look back, push forward” vocalist Patrick Cozens exclaims in “Stuck in the Loop,” pleading to break the firm traditions of the subculture they belong to.

Formed in early 2017, the Connecticut and Western Massachusetts based group wasted little time in the early stages of their formation. They released a demo and 7” EP before their aforementioned full length on Boston-based label Triple B Records. The band spent their formative years on the road, playing shows of all sizes across the United States. In the tradition of punk rock trailblazers of the past, Restraining Order has kept many of their operations completely DIY. Booking their own tours, self managing, and even self-producing all of their recorded output. 

Restraining Order’s debut LP “This World Is Too Much” is on its 4th pressing. Their highly anticipated 2nd full length album “Locked In Time” will be released in 2023. 

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