Red City Radio


It’s possible that you haven’t heard of Red City Radio, so maybe a “band bio” is in order. We bring that point up

because this punk band from the Heartland has flourished and grown in popularity without having any real help from

the usual suspects. They’ve never been embraced by the hip websites, they’ve never had a big record label, and

they don’t have a fancy booking agent in NYC. None of that shit, just four good friends from Oklahoma City that

keep getting better at writing songs and keep playing bigger and bigger shows. Yeah sure, we’ll write you a band

bio. RCR is all about inclusion, so it’s never too late to get on board and come along for the ride.

First off, as we’ve already noted, the band hails from the unlikely punk scene of Oklahoma City, OK. That right

there probably explains why these kids have been fighting an uphill battle—or more likely—that struggle explains

why their creative muscles keep getting stronger. Apart from the isolation, OKC is a funky and unique place, so

maybe that’s where Red City Radio is coming from with this latest SkyTigers project. Songwriter and vocalist,

Garrett Dale, says, “The message with SkyTigers is a message of acceptance and love. Accepting control over

your own universe and taking a stand against hate, fear, and confusion… We hope that these songs make our

listeners feel like there is someone who feels the same as them. Because there is.”

After forming the band in 2007, they had to fight their way out of the Sooner State. They’ve released EPs and

LPs with independent labels here and there, but their big chance came recently in 2015, when they got an offer from

newly-formed Vagrant/BMG imprint, Staple Records. They put fort their strongest effort yet, a self-titled album that

blew us all away. Two months after its release, the label folded and the band was left once again to fend for itself.

For a lot of bands, the story would end there, but this quartet forged ahead and did tours in support of New Found

Glory, Strung Out, Less Than Jake, Anti-Flag, and more. It was also boom-time overseas, as the band’s shows

doubled in size and they were invited to join many of the big outdoor festivals in Europe. As bassist Jonathan

Knight put it, “I can’t say we have ever considered throwing in the towel, but we have always felt like an underdog.”

Now after years of triumph in the face of the odds, we have the hyper-melodic 5-song EP, SkyTigers. When

asked about the title, frontman Garrett says it means, “To be the absolute best version of yourself that you can be.

That’s what being a SkyTiger is. To be great and do great. Because you are great.” Far fucking out, man. Kinda

makes you wanna… be a SkyTiger, right?!? Well, here’s your big chance. The band has a new EP coming on Red

Scare and it’ll be followed up with a big tour in support of The Lawrence Arms. Bad luck be damned, 2018 is

already shaping up to be a banner year for Red City Radio and we expect them to keep on surprising the scene.

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