Pure Death


Pure Death is a Georgia (USA) based modern Thrash Metal band best known for their dissonant chords and progressions, painfully fast tempos, aggressively blunt lyrics, old-school Thrash influence, and their youthful energy. Their style has often been compared to that of the old Thrash icons such as Kreator, Sepultura, and Slayer, but even modern Thrash bands such as Toxic Holocaust. Their first demo Weak Minded Fools, which was mixed and mastered by none other than Thrash legend Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust), was released out of the blue in Late 2021 which plunged them directly into the north Georgia Metal scene abruptly. Since then they have hit the road on several occasions making a name for themselves at every stop. Pure Death has a ruthless armory of songs they plan on recording for their full-fledged EP in the near future with zero intentions of cranking down the aggression knob! Pure Death returns to the studio in 2022 to polish/record their tracks for their debut album, & to finish writing on some new tracks.

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