Pistols at Dawn


When rules break, rock ‘n’ roll moves forward. Standing at a crossroads between 21st century attitude and oldschool arena-size ambition, Pistols AtDawn lock and load hard-hitting hooks, magnetic melodies, and intricateinstrumentation in a searing signature style. The Atlanta quintet—Adam Jaffe [drums], Devin White [guitar], SeanBenham [bass], Will James [guitar], and Cris Hodges [vocals]—re-energize the genre, while maintaining its edge.After independently amassing over 6 million streams and collaborating with icons such as GRAMMY® Award-winning producer and engineer Sylvia Massy [Tool, System of a Down, Johnny Cash], the group deliver eightanthems on their 2022 full-length album, Ascension, via distributor Megaforce Records/MRI Entertainment.“All of our influences come out in the music, but with our own stamp,” says Adam. “There’s definitely a hard rockvibe combined with progressive lyrics. When you add these elements together, it beautifully combusts in Pistols AtDawn.” Speaking to this alchemy, the musicians cut their teeth in various high-profile projects. Adam, Devin anddeceased guitarist Mike Buffa launched Pistols At Dawn in 2015. Theyimmediately entered the studio withproducer Jeff Tomei [Smashing Pumpkins, Matchbox 20] to record their first singles before entertaining variousother projects. During 2019, the founders joined forces again in Pistols At Dawn. They completed the lineupwithincendiary guitarist Will James, bassist Sean Benham (formerly of Goatwhore) and Hodges who has written musicfor films such as Baywatch and Top Gun: Maverick as well as releasing music solo and fronting Linkin Park tributeband In The End.They unleashed music at a prolific pace in addition to personally engaging fans worldwide with an immersive onlinepresence. “Cold” exploded to the tune of 283K Spotify streams and 1 million streams across platforms followed by“All You Offer” at 254K Spotify streams. Working with producer Jeff Tomei, they unleashed the Nocturnal YouthEP in 2021. The opener and lead single “Voices” impressively generated 1 million plays across platforms in under amonth. In the midst of the Global Pandemic, they caught the attention of Massy and recorded what would becomeAscension with the legendary producer behind the board alongside co-producer Chris Pierson.Musically and thematically, it allowed a sliver of light to pass through the world’s darkness. “On Nocturnal Youth,wewere going through a dark time in the Global Pandemic,” he states. “Even though it’s still going on, we’recoming into the light and embracing life. There’s still dark subject matter on the record, but it was positive to write.It melded together the way we’d always hoped.”Anchored by a balance of extremes, the lead single “The Truth” nods to nineties alternative with a distinct anddynamic twist. Adam goes on, “It revolves the around the constant noise we have in our head pushing and pullingour emotions so much that we sometimes lose total control and explode. We have to be careful to maintain ourthoughts and emotions, or ‘The Truth’ is that they could tear us apart.”Elsewhere, the opener and follow-up single “Under The Surface” immediately sets thetone with a hypnotic riff andhard-hitting vocal, barely containing its cathartic momentum in the searing lyrics, “Take what you want and leaveme for dead. All that I need is under the surface.” “This song deals with the hell some have to go through aboveground with people constantly taking, lying, and poisoning,” he reveals. “So, you want to be buried deep to get awayfrom society where no one will find you.”“Fly” leans into a dark chorus, equally soaring and shuddering all at once. It strikes a chord with its timeless themepresented through a nocturnal prism.“It’s a powerful and dark love song about wanting to disappear with your true love,” he elaborates. “Musically,diversity was important to us. So, each song really tells a different story witha distinct sound.”Indicative of this diversity, “For You” steamrolls forward on a hulking groove fortified by a punchy riff andtowering refrain. It sets the tone for the rollercoaster to follow. “It’s about finding someone really special who isworthchanging for,” notes Adam. “If you find someone you love enough, you’ll change. It’s the light at the end ofthe tunnel.”Ultimately, Pistols At Dawn ignite a fresh and fiery vision for rock all their own. “We want to take you on a ride,”he leaves off.“We just love playing music. One moment, we hope you’re inspired to take on the world. In the next,we hope you scream along. In another, you just chill. It’s meant to be fun and exciting overall. At the end, we hopeyou want to take the ride again and again.”

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