name PinkPantheress

age 20

place London

PinkPantheress in numbers:

  • She makes her music at 3am in her university halls: “I have my uni work to do, and I didn’t have the luxury of a recording studio or ‘creative me-time’”.
  • She was born in 2001, in Bath.
  • PinkPantheress’ discography has collectively reached 90+ million streams on Spotify 

September 2021 saw Spotify reveal PinkPantheress will be supported by their RADAR programme for emerging artists. PinkPantheress is only the second RADAR artist to be supported by Spotify in both the UK and US.

Though she only debuted in 2021, PinkPantheress has gained a strong fanbase including Dazed who referred to her music as “irresistibly catchy earworms.” She has also received love from i-D, Hunger, Pigeons & Planes and more.

Why the secrecy PP? 

“It’s not about secrecy. I’m avoiding stress, and preconceptions.”


“I prefer free rein without worrying about the opinions of others around me.

Why TikTok?

I use TikTok as a focus group. I put snippets up on there and see how people react before properly posting them.

Is it true that you had already gone viral before even your close friends knew that it was you on your TikTok?

“Yes. My friend happened to be following me and sent one of my videos in our group chat and said: “She kinda sounds like you.” I’m a terrible liar so I came clean.

How has your background influenced you?

My mum is from Kenya. Like a good immigrant family, we always have daytime TV on in the background and I heard a question on The Chase: “What is a female panther called?” A Pantheress. And it just stuck with me.

How do you make music?

I’m not trying to be deep or contrived. I just find familiar beats and then nudge them into unfamiliar territory. I can only play a bit of piano so I just use GarageBand, speed the beat up or slow it down and  then I lay my vocals down on top. I love sounds that are new and nostalgic, like you’ve known them forever but are hearing them for the first time. 


PP quiz time. Pick an answer!


My favourite colour is:

A Pink

B Deep Turquoise

C Neither of these


My favourite artist is:

A My Chemical Romance

B Just Jack

C Kate Bush


I love clothes by:

A Vivienne Westwood

B Morgan de toi

C Halston, Gucci, Fiorucci


My star sign is:

A Aries

B Virgo

C Libra


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