Perdition Temple


PERDITION TEMPLE was formed in 2009 by Gene Palubicki , the same year… The lineup at that time and onward into 2010 consisted of Lefteris Eleftheriou on drums, and Gene on guitars/vocals/bass…this lineup recorded the subsequent debut full length album “Edict of the Antichrist Elect”, released in 2010 on Osmose Productions(France)… geographical restraints made it impossible for Lefteris to continue as a permanent member after the albums release… in 2011 Ronnie Parmer became the new drummer, and into 2012 both Gabriel Gozainy on bass, and Bill Taylor on 2nd guitar joined…some select shows ensued throughout the USA in 2012 with a stand in vocalist… in 2013 the band enlisted Impurath of BLACK WITCHERY as vocalist and writing of the sophomore album commenced… during this time additional shows were done whilst the new album was being written during 2013-2014 leading to the completion of 2nd full length album.

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