Ouija Macc


As a child born & raised in Las Vegas, Ouija found solace in performance art of all kinds at a very young age and had a hard time focusing in school unless it pertained to art/music. Having had a difficult childhood, struggling with abuse & mental health issues, Ouija created art to escape reality. To be stronger than human. To survive. Growing up in low income neighborhoods across the Vegas valley, he was often surrounded by drugs, alcohol & violence. Ouija seems to dip his paintbrush into a color not many have seen (Bravery) and has since gone on to become known for just that. Along with his over-the-top visual media (which boasts Youtube views in the Millions) & bass heavy bangers that turn a dance floor into a terrifying place to knit a blanket, there is so much depth to explore. Lore! Mythos! It’s like a great Manga! Behind that crazy veil of high octane energy there is divine wisdom & hypnotic melody found in his music that envelopes deep rooted & hard hitting lyrics and feelings on a multitude of different soundscapes that range the way life does and take you on a journey that is yours too. It is both inspiring & cathartic. Beautiful & Scary. It is sad at times, hilarious at others. It is angry, crude & brutally honest but always a vibe. It’s often hard to tell if Ouija is a Comedian, Rapper, Poet or a Juggalo first? But he is certainly all of these things. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be a Juggalo to enjoy some Ouija Macc. but you might become one if you do.

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