New Dialogue


Oftentimes, a fresh voice makes the most noise. A culmination of indie spirit, alternative whimsy, and pop ambition, New Dialogue speaks for the moment. The Los Angelesbased quintet—Ela Kitapci [vocals], Taylor Morrow [vocals], Jason Rodriguez [drums], Michael Sevilla [guitar], and Jeff Badagliacca [bass]—spent a year quietly writing and recording in the studio with producer Charlie Park [lovelytheband] before making their live debut during June 2018. Signed to RED Music, they introduce a style all their own on the first single, “Fake Smile.” Lush but simple production underscores Ela and Taylor’s intimate delivery as they ask, “Do you love me, anymore?” A rich sonic backdrop compliments the pleading reprise, “Yeah, I’d even take a fake smile.” That intimacy extends to “Neon Ocean”, a dark and powerful follow up single, and then further to “Pilgrims”, the resonant anthem boasting “You can be anyone!”. Resounding guitar echoes behind the vocal interplay of Ela and Taylor as the hooks soar to epic heights. The group has recently come off the road with lovelytheband and plots more music for release, videos, live shows and tours. They’ve just begun what promises to be a lasting conversation.

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