Nessa Barrett


Singer-songwriter Nessa Barrett’s Warner Records debut album, young forever, features edgy,  gothic pop grounded in stories about heartache, mental health, and accountability. While growing  up in New Jersey, Barrett endured an extremely rough childhood riddled with abuse. Writing and  singing have always been the saving grace that helped Barrett feel less alone in the world and  less alone with her thoughts as she battled demons from her past and mental health struggles,  including bipolar personality disorder and an eating disorder.  

With young forever, Barrett embraces her internal and external conflicts and takes bleak thoughts  and expresses them bravely. Punctuated by her grit-glam marvel, Barrett’s music has intrinsically  always been about empowering people who feel isolated. “Growing up, I was very ashamed of  my struggles, so the second I got a platform, I knew what I had to do with it because I didn’t  want anyone to feel the way I felt – alone.” With young forever, Barrett has crafted something  truly special. 

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