Museum Mouth


I asked Kory Urban, our bassist, how I should open this bio, and his response was “double click.” I’d say that basically sums up this band, but I think that’d actually be a lie. Don’t get me wrong–terrible jokes and a ringing sense of idiocy is definitely half of what we’re all about, but the other half is arguably more important–the songs.

I started Museum Mouth in 2009 after tricking Graham into joining this “band” I had and learning a handful of rudimentary chord progressions I’d written on guitar (I’m TERRIBLE at guitar), funny enough this still happens now.
Honestly, not much has changed since founding, except we lost our old lead singer/bassist Savannah Levin in 2010 and picked up Kory. I think I used to be scared of singing and playing drums? I can’t remember. Probably like I used to be scared of admitting I have always been attracted to men which I handled the “Museum Mouth” way–by writing an honest AF album about it, then moving on.

I definitely can’t say that we were the first band to patent ye ol’ “I’m gonna write about this obstacle that’s stunting me so I can help myself cope” archetype cuz lol I’m pretty sure that’s what most bands do BUT I think we can all three agree that we wouldn’t be the overly carefree fools we present ourselves as if we didn’t have this band to use as a punk misery pit.

That’s not to say that we only write music when we’re at our saddest either. A handful of reviewers (yes, I read our reviews :/) have commented that our music says one thing–they typically use words like “upbeat” and always say that we tear through things, but I assure you we write the occasional song slower than 160 BPM–but the lyrics say another and I love that!

Just like I love that I’m a singing drummer who can’t multitask to save my life…and well, somehow I’m still alive and I’m still in this band so thank you everyone for putting up with me // us. Hope you stick around.

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