Mostly Strangers


Mostly Strangers is a dynamic Atlanta-based DIY alt/punk band, founded in 2020 by singer-songwriter James W. Dinsmoor, known for their electrifying live shows and high-energy performances. Their concept of collaborating with new artists for each song gives depth to their name, “Mostly Strangers.” 

Following their debut EP “Where the Heart Is” in 2021 and the 2022 album “GONE,” the band expanded in 2022, introducing Cole Hankins on bass, Cody Ojea on lead guitar, and Hannah Beamon on drums, and took their music to the stage for the first time in January 2023.

Currently, they’re busy crafting a new EP slated for release in 2024, promising more of their signature sound and exciting collaborations to come, making “Mostly Strangers” a name to watch in Atlanta’s music scene.

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