“Our band name is effectively a disclaimer,” reveals frontman Hunter Young, “Moodring is not easily defined; our sound can and will change, morph and evolve, even across the course of a single song. Our identity is genre-fluid.”

A deep blue cocktail of shoegaze and grunge, rock and metal, Showmetherealyou is the zenith of many years of trial and error, angst and anguish, at last oscillating in perfect harmony with a collectively unfettered passion and drive.

Originally self-released in early 2021, the Showmetherealyou EP will be reissued August 4th, 2021 via Moodring’s new label home UNFD. Its original tracklist is further bolstered by brand new cut, ‘Empty Me Out’. A thundering attack of discordant guitars over pulsing grooves, built around a soaring chorus refrain, which is somehow equal parts melancholy and triumph, ‘Empty Me Out’ showcases a nastier, darker dimension of the band, as Hunter et al further find their feet, and their fangs.

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