Miss Money


Miss Money wrote the song ‘On the Nephs,’ which referrers to her community lingo and drew heavy attention. The song found immense popularity in South Africa, earning her tour dates and more fame. She recently collaborated with AliveShoes, launching her own shoe line, Rich Kickz.

Through the towering crests and the despairing troughs that she witnessed all her life, it can safely be attested that her career chose her. Miss Money was constantly bumping into musical opportunities. As someone who was a born leader, and as one who knew how to handle large audiences, Miss Money has rightly earned the fame she has achieved. Yet, with all the adulation she has received, she has not forgotten her roots. She is constantly working towards the betterment of poverty-stricken people who belong to the same background as herself, empowering them, and strengthening their will to do something great.

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