LVVRS (lovers)… Charismatic rockers crafting infectious sounds that are a stylish blend of disco pop and 1970’s rock’n’roll flair. Their songs work equally well on the dance floor or roaring out the window of a speeding car. Singer River Gibson delivers vocals equal part sweetness and grit with a sonic expression of self-confidence.

Formed in South Louisiana on Valentine’s Day (hence the name), LVVRS are a group of young musicians taking cues from current Alt Pop contemporaries as well as from your parents’ vinyl collection. Their live shows are a master class of the power and conviction of modern rockers coupled with the sonic detail of major pop artists.

LVVRS are currently in the studio producing their debut EP due later this year. Until then you can find the band touring in the South, releasing more music and content. You can also hear the band on TV. Several of their songs have been placed in major reality shows including “The Ultimatum” (Netflix) and “Temptation Island” (USA).

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