Lisa Heller


Raw, authentic, and honest are just a few of the terms that describe the pop/alternative music of Lisa Heller. Lisa found her voice at the age of 13 when music became the creative outlet for her anxiety. As her local following grew, Lisa saw that her music not only helped her, but that its message could help others. With the support of local radio, newspapers, and national songwriting competitions, Lisa knew that music was her way to affect the world. Through the release of her music, including her latest EP, “is anyone listening?” Lisa has gathered millions of views and streams, been placed on official Spotify and Apple Music playlists, and caught the attention of outlets like American Songwriter and Huffington Post. She has played with American Authors, Jesse McCartney, and her first US Tour will see her playing venues across the country and with artists such as Bryce Vine and Bea Miller. Lisa is gaining one fan at a time, one lyric at a time with no sign of slowing down.

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